Hello, I’m Tyler.

I am a Creative Director + Filmmaker.

Wanna learn more? Here's my work.

Here’s my experience.

Bravefoxes - Creative Director (3+ yrs) [Current]

In 2017, I started a creative agency to house all of my freelance endeavors Where we create visual content, brand identification systems, web sites, and more!

Calvary Christian Center - Creative/Media Director + Video Producer (1+ yrs)

Managing tons of projects, working at Calvary was full of creative, collaborative, and impactful work that included mass media production, fast paced video turn around times, and project management at scale.

Steadfast Results - UI/UX Designer (6 mo)

At steadfast, I help build digital outcome strategies using content and design, marketing technology, digital media, measurement and optimization.

Trinity Broadcast Network - Video + Audio Editor (2+ yrs)

Editing some of the largest projects in christian television with a fast turnaround!

Derek Minor - Drummer | Video Editor | Tour Manager | Production (6+ yrs)

Traveling the world on tour with Derek, I've been playing drums with him for years, while helping him grow his business on the road with management, live performance, and stage video production.


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